Sunday, 27 December 2015


I had with you.
When you were waiting in front of church door, tying your black shoe.
Pink cheeks, lovely black eyes, mesmerised me.
I felt the first drops of dew, the winds humming "love is blue".
Alas! A young man came from nowhere and stood beside, holding your hand.
You smiled at him and I could hear my heart bang.
What a disappointment, another loss.
I remain unmarried still, at the age of 32.
Oh, what a rendezvous.


Once upon a time there was a Bony red rabbit
Long were his ears, tickling them was his habit.
What was the reason is unknown, was it a tick or the stomach's colon.
Always he used to tickle and tickle, till they become red like pickle.
That is why the fairy didn't turn him hobbit,
He remained just Bony the red rabbit.

The day he was born, his parents were happy
Among all whites, there was a red nappy.
They celebrated, carrots distributed, joy filled the air
Such a rabbit in their rabbit land was very rare.
All the while fairy was just laughing
Feeling amused at the innocence of people partying.

The day came when Bony went to school
Excited, amazed, to see the blue moon.
The blue moon was the abode of great scholars
A place where everybody went and became followers.
Bony started to learn alphabets, they all flew over his head in a jet.
Unable to comprehend, how hard he tried; he tickled his ears, till they got red fried.

Wailing began, it tore ear drums
Tears were so heavy, as if the flood has come.
Parents rushed to blue moon, on a sand dune.
They picked the child up, cuddled him like a cub.
Fairy appeared, she swooshed her wand
Everything was in control and tired Bony yawned.

It was then revealed that Bony was a tickling bean
He was eaten by his mother along with carrot cream.
Hence Bony the rabbit was born
Tickling, crying were his horns.
Alphabets he can never learn, scholar he can never become
That is why the fairy didn't turn him hobbit,

He remained just Bony the tickling red rabbit.


Hector was a guy next door, leading a monotonous life juggling between home and office. No interests, no hobbies and no partying, just simple life of a workaholic. He had once fell in love, his first true love but he could not muster enough courage to go to that girl and confess. Alena, was the most beautiful girl for Hector. Both studied in same class but Hector was just another classmate for Alena. He loved her so truly that even seeing her smile made him contented.

But one day Alena died in a car accident and the next day Hector became a cocoon with wall so hard, that it could not be breached. It has been 10 years since that incident but Hector could not forget Alena. His family and friends tried hitching him with another girl, but he could never take her out of his mind and hence got irritated by being in crowd. Every night he used to dream about Arena. She wearing a silver colour frock, roamed in snow clad mountains, played with penguins and seeing her smile, made Hector blush. One such night in his dream, he heard her singing. He got out from his hiding place and confidently went up to Alena, who was making an Igloo. She was shocked to see him but smiled because she knew him, after all they were classmates.

Many such nights passed by, the comfortableness grew and a bond of friendship was developed. Hector was so happy living in imagination that he started ignoring all who were present in his reality. He used to wait for night impatiently as it was the only time when he was at peace the most and with his love, Alena.

In another dream, Alena held hand of Hector while showing him her home i.e. Igloo. On such compassion, Hector got overwhelmed by his emotions and held Alena's hand for too long. Alena laughed.

Nights and dreams travelled in Hector's mind, full of happiness and joy, which he had lost since he lost Alena in real world.

The night of his birthday eve arrived and he wanted to be wished by Alena first but he feared whether Alena knew his birthday or not. In the dream he could not find Alena. He became worried, searched everywhere with his eyes and finally went inside her home i.e. Igloo. She was sleeping there like the princess sleeping beauty of fairy tale. Fair skin, black long lustrous hair, pink lips, sleek petite figure and innocence on her face made Hector go weak in his knees. Unable to control the storm of emotions inside him, he went near her. He stroked her hair, cheeks and kissed her on the lips lightly. This woke up Alena and she stared with big black eyes towards Hector. He got scared and fell back. Alena got up and hugged him. Their bodies met, souls met and Hector got his best birthday gift ever.

But his parents got the worst birthday return gift ever. Hector never woke up. He decided to stay back in his dreams.